App Setup using SAFE

I am using the SAFE template to setup my apps. This will install a full stack framework with F# as the back-end and front-end language.

To see the setup instructions go to the SAFE website. Typically, I use the install with the following directives:


Because the default Fulma UI library is not selected as the default choice, an UI library has to be added. I am using the Fable.MaterialUI (for now). This can be added by:


Next I update the index.html file with the following additions to the header section:


This adds all necessary css files. It also loads a polyfill for the fetch function (for use with IE 11). As described in this GitHub issue. The next step is to configure the docker deploy. Therefore the build.fsx file has to be edited, changing the “Docker Target” with:


You can now power up the application with a simple command:


The result is an enormous powerful setup featuring:

  • A full stack application with a running web server and a web based client.
  • All code written in (IMHO the best language) F#.
  • Hot module reloading, i.e. every time you save a code change, the browser will reload you and show the changes directly.
  • A time travelling debugger. You can literally replay your app use history in the browser.

How impressive is that!

Next setup server side and browser side! testing.

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